With Napoleon’s burgeoning empire thwarting Victoria’s reign, a dreadful blight threatening the poor and afflicted of Great Britain and the Continent, and a preternatural substance imposing an existential threat to all of humanity, a brave young Scot surfs time itself on ethereal streams of consciousness to defend his Sovereign, rescue his family, and protect his very self.

Ancient high-tech matriarchal society
Passage of the Beloved

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Baal Hadad is the beloved son of Qadesh Asherah, chief matron of Adamah. Having come of age to serve as consort to the various noble matrons of the realm, his comeliness draws the attention of Lord Moloch, chief consort of Lady Ishat. When Hadad’s companion discovers the threat looming at House Ishat, Hadad is sent to explore the inner orbs of the heavens, leaving Moloch to undermine Hadad’s younger sister Anat, who is to assume Asherah’s central seat of the high council.

With the future of Asherah’s dynasty threatened, Hadad must seek the middle ground that will allow him to rise to a position worth to rule the realm.

When an automaton and a mermaid fall in love, where shall they abide together, for the salty water of the sea is as inhospitable to the one as it is necessary to the other.

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When the teeming regions of the world demanded their share of resources, the great Carbon Nation faltered. Now a new nation has risen from the ashes of the old, harnessing the greatest renewable resource: humanity. Men and women walk on giant treadwheels to provide their glorious society with energy. The bigger they are the more they are worth, and so the more attractive they are. Bigger is better. It is the ultimate goal. (Pay no mind to the biggest and best dying suddenly.)