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Hello and welcome to my outpost on the information interstate. I hope you enjoy browsing this site and checking out my other locations on the web to get to know me. Drop me a line to say hi; let me know as much about you. Sign up to  to get updates on I Town and my other writing endeavors.

I was born in Little Rock, Arkansas, in 1965. I grew up in rural north central Arkansas. I have a degree in architecture from the UofA in Fayetteville where my wife and I stayed after finishing college. We bought an old house and fixed it up. It has only a few minor paranormal manifestations, nothing we and our three kids can’t live with.

I love books. My mind has always been prone to wander other realities. Writing lets me explore those other places and share them with other people.

I enjoy cooking, especially my quests for the perfect chocolate chip cookie and blueberry muffin. I run. (I think maybe it’s an addiction.) And I can really lose myself in the art of computer graphics and web design, as I hope my website shows.

Be sure to visit InductionTown.com that’s all about
I Town, my latest story.


3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. This is very interesting stuff, but I’m curious, other than portion size, when you eat fast food do you eat whatever? Or is there certain foods you try to avoid? And how often do you run? Thanks and keep up the good work, because it’s obviously working.

    1. Joel, these are great questions that I’ll address in future posts. The short answer to the first is yes and no. If I go to a barbecue place I eat barbecue because my experience is that they make really bad salads. And that’s okay. If I wanted salad I’d go to Jason’s or Zaxby’s. Places with a broader menu give you some really good choices if you do the research. At Taco Bueno I’ve learned to get the chicken nacho salad. It’s a good meal and not too terribly bad in the calorie department. McDonalds has the calorie count of each item right up there on the menu and that’s a big help is choosing. I think we have the tobacco settlement to thank for several recent changes in the consumer market.

      I try to run a couple or three times a week. Sometimes only a couple of miles, but usually three to four with a six to eight mile run now and then. Twelve is the most I’ve done and the most I would ever want to do. An hour and a half is a long time to devote to exercise, and I’ve heard that short workouts more often are better.

      Thanks for the questions and for reading.

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