Trintico Quartet


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When the teeming regions of the world demanded their share of resources, the great Carbon Nation was taken aback, losing its foundation and its footing. It faltered. It harvested enough wind to change the climate—not for the better. It warred with itself and fell apart. Now a new nation has risen from the ashes of the old, harnessing the greatest renewable resource: humanity. Men and women walk on giant treadwheels to provide their glorious society with energy. The bigger they are the more they are worth, and so the more attractive they are. Bigger is better. It is the ultimate goal. (Pay no mind to the biggest and best dying suddenly.)

Shevi is a big girl with a bright future, betrothed into one of the biggest and, therefore, most powerful families of Induction Town. Jackson is a skinny kid, helping his father scavenge a living one crime after another. When these two youths meet, they know they have no future together. He doesn’t have the prowess, and she is too much like the mother who chose a better life for herself. But still . . .

The attraction between them grows stronger each time they meet until they can no longer deny it. Friends and family intervene, but, alas, it is up to Mr. Myrtle, a small man with big plans to gain a place among the highest of society, to insure these kids are dealt with: that Jackson is put back in his place and Shevi is returned to the righteous path.

So begins The Trintico Quartet. Shevi and Jackson explore the depths of the great society, seeing the many costs of it maintenance and coming to understand its precarious condition. But do they dare resist the momentum that, while harming many, provides at least something for all? And if they dare, could they offer a better system than the status quo?


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The Trintico Quartet

A truly unique premise that is a twist on the real world’s obsession with weight and body size.– Jeffery Miller

I have a new LOVE! The Trintico Quartet is an absolutely AMAZING story! Once I started I Town (book one) I quite literally could not put it down until I finished Trintico (book four). The character development is outstanding, The details are exquisite. The story is not predictable. – Jeanne Reed

This book was the very first book since I read Enders Game many years ago that made me feel that urge to keep reading. I read the entire book in no time at all. It is engaging, well written and the story was very deep! – Lindsey Pharis

The technology, history, and social structure of the world are believably presented without bogging readers down in lots of dry exposition. – Diane Willard



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