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Mad Max Fury Road Common Threads (1 of 4)

Four potent visual motifs that appear in Mad Max Fury Road also occur in the four novels of the Trintico Tour Quartet.

The first novel in the quartet is I Town. In it, the people of Induction Town walk on giant treadwheels to generate electricity. In MMRF, access to Immortant Joe’s citadel is via a human-powered elevator. The energy that drives it is comes from humans walking on giant treadwheels.

The wheels have very different designs, opposite even. The MMRF wheels have the walkers outside, walking on revolving slats, like rungs on a ladder, while the wheels of I Town are huge drums with walkers climbing the inside curves. But the idea is the same. The apocalypse has turned the world upside down, inverted our existence. Instead of reaping the benefits of revolving motion, of wind or of coal powered turbines, we turn the wheels so the machine of civilation can go on operating, at our expense.

The harnessed human effort pumps water up from a deep well, giving Immortant Joe’s Citadel power and dominion over the masses below. It also engaged the second common thread, a highly effecient use of precious space on the mesas that make up the citadel. This motif is a feature in Agrarianna, the second Trintico Tour novel. Seeing it on the movie screen thrilled me.

More on that in Part 2.