A Writer’s Day Job

I lucked into the very best day job for a writer. I manage three properties. The work includes collecting the rent, paying the bills, keeping the books up to date, cleaning the restrooms and hallways, changing light bulbs and air filters, general repairs and so on. The great thing about all those tasks is that I can do them almost any time. My schedule is very flexible, allowing me to write when I want, like in the morning when I’m fresh. In the old days, when I drew construction documents (blueprints) to pay the bills and wrote in the evening I would get so worked up about the story that I’d have trouble sleeping. Exhaustion would snowball and eventually snuff out my creativity. Every writer should be so lucky to have a day job that is so compatible and submissive to the real job.


The real job has just as many facets. There’s writing, of course—I guess you could call that the title track. Reading is essential. (It’s nice to have something I enjoy so much as a required part of my job.) Developing and maintaining a web presence could probably be a fulltime job. These days I’m trying to attend one conference each month. I have to find out what’s going on where, decide which one to attend, then get ready for it.

I wonder how much things will change when I’m actually published.


Running has changed and probably saved my life. I started just over a year ago, and it’s been an amazing year. I’ve lost 80 pounds. My resting pulse has gone from almost 100 to under 50. My cholesterol has gone from dangerously close to the upper limit to right about the middle of the safe zone. And, of course, my self–esteem and confidence have exploded, and few things are more valuable to the writer than confidence and believing in yourself and what you’re doing.

Computer Graphics

The digital arts fasinate me. The skills I’ve developed have become as valuable as they are enjoyable. I use them for web design, for enhancing my online presence, and for story idea development. One of my manuscripts even uses CG as the source of it’s premise.

When my architecture career collapsed I considered persuing a career in CG, but it seemed that everyone else who lost a job in the slump did the same— there were computer graphics people everywhere I turned. Just as well. I couldn’t ask for a better situation than the one I’ve been blessed with.

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